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Overwhelmed with debt?  Lost your job and can no longer make the payments?  The law allows you to get a fresh start.  Depending on your circumstances, you can have all or part of your debt extinguished in bankruptcy.  


While money may be tight for you, it is advisable to retain an attorney to assist you with a bankruptcy filing.  Not all courts publish information about debtors that file for bankruptcy without an attorney, but the Central District of California does - they reported that in 2013, 44% of chapter 7 debtors filing without representation by an attorney were dismissed (no discharge of debt granted), and 87% of chapter 13 debtors filing without representation by an attorney were dismissed.  


At the Law Office of Jason A. Nordsell, we know there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to your financial situation.  We take the time to understand your issues and discuss what we feel are your best options.  


Contact Us to discuss your situation and find out what your options are.  It is free, there is no obligation, and we can speak over the phone.


Chapter 7 - Total Discharge of Debts


Chapter 13 - Partial Discharge of Debts


Alternatives to Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy Terminology




Law Office of Jason A. Nordsell is a debt relief agency within the meaning of the Bankruptcy Code.

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