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Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy isn't the only option to deal with execessive debt, and in some cases, there are better options.  If you see yourself buying a new house or car in the next few years, a bankruptcy may prevent you from getting the credit you need.  Some jobs won't hire an applicant with a recent bankruptcy filing.  Some licenses and security clearances may also be denied or revoked.


In other words, you need to consider ALL of your options when determining the best way to get out from under excessive debt.  In some situations, a creditor may be persuaded to let you pay only portion of the debt you owe if it means they will get something, rather than nothing if you file bankruptcy.  You may also be able to extend the repayment period of a loan (e.g., from 4 to 6 years), making payments more affordable.  This approach has some risks, such as stubborn creditors, and it can negatively affect your credit (to a much smaller degree than bankruptcy in most cases), but for many people it is preferable to declaring bankruptcy.


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