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Fees and FAQ's

  • Yes!  We have payment plans!
  • A chapter 7 bankruptcy fee as low as $950?
    • This is the flat fee that covers representing you in a chapter 7 bankruptcy from start to finish, but includes only basic services.
    • Instead of paying $2,000 for bundled services your case may never use, pay for only what you need (for example, some cases require various motions, or defense of various motions.  If you never use a lawyer's service in this regard, why pay for it?).
    • If other bankruptcy-related legal services become necessary as your case progresses or you need to convert to a chapter 13 plan, you can purchase the individual services as needed.
  • How much would a chapter 13 bankruptcy cost me?
    • Like the chapter 7 fee, a flat fee of $2,900 is charged for basic services, with the ability for you to purchase additional services if needed as the case progresses.
  • If I don't want to file bankruptcy, how much would you charge to negotiate a settlement (balance reduction, interest reduction, easier payments, etc.) with my creditors?
    • 8% of the current amount owed (payment plans available).  The fee breaks down as follows: 5% earned for services rendered, plus 1-3% incentive-based based on how well we do for you.
    • For example, Debtor Dan owes Charlie Creditor $20,000, has had a reduction in income and can no longer afford the payments.  Debtor Dan hires our firm to negotiate a balance reduction and, in installments, pays the 8% retainer.  5% is earned by our firm up front.  If we reduce his balance by at least 25%, we earn another 1%, and the remaining 2% is refunded to Dan.  If we reduce his balance by at least 33%, we earn 2% and the remaining 1% is refunded.  If we reduce his balance by 40%, we earn 3%.


In addition to paying attorney fees, the court also charges you to file bankruptcy (paid through your attorney).  Other costs may also apply.  The list of court costs is here:

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