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Adoption is the legal process by which a parent/child relationship is established between persons who are not naturally related.  A lawsuit requesting adoption of parental rights over a child is initiated through petition of a court by an adult with standing.


Who may adopt

First, a person must be an adult, and if married, their spouse must join the petition.  Second, the person must have standing to initiate a suit requesting adoption of parental rights.  Texas law spells out who has standing:

  • a step-parent;
  • an adult, as a result of a placement for adoption, who has had possession of the child during the 30-day period preceding the filing of the petition;
  • an adult that has had possession of the child for 2 of the last 3 months preceding the petition;
  • an adult who has adopted, or is the foster parent of and has petitioned to adopt, the sibling of a child;
  • another adult whom the court determines to have had substantial past contact with the child, sufficient to warrant standing; or
  • a prospective adoptive parent who would not otherwise have standing but has a statement prepared by a pregnant mother or parent of the child.


Who may be adopted

The law provides that minor children can be adopted as well as an adult.  If the child is 12 years of age or older, they must consent to the adoption (unless the court finds that it would be in the child's best interest).  

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