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Consumer Law/Mortgage Lender Misconduct

Wrongful foreclosure 

In Texas, non-judicial foreclosure is the most common way lenders recover their collateral.  Without the need of a court order, the lender can simply give you and the county notice of the date of foreclosure, If they do not follow the statutorily-defined procedures exactly, the foreclosure may be set aside.  

Further, in some cases, negligence or incompetence in the origination or servicing of your loan may create a situation where: an an unauthorized third-party is attempting foreclosure on your property; payments you have made are not credited to your loan balance; or other potentially harmful actions are brought against you because of the negligence of your lender.  Contact us for a free consultation to determine if we can help you stay in your home. 


Predatory Lending

There are laws that can protect you from predatory lending and compensate you if you are a victim of predatory lending.  Common lender tactics are to pack fees beyond what was expected or justified on economic grounds, or outright fraud or misrepresentation in the terms (e.g., interest rate, fixed vs. adjustible, prepayment penalties, etc.). We can help determine if you have been the victim of predatory lending; contact us to find out how.

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